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Q: Is Thirsty Bitch vegan?

A: While our original Thirsty Hair Serum did not contain animal derived ingredients, we did not use the term "vegan." We have seen instances where brands have used the term “vegan” when in fact their products were not vegan. We strongly believe that if a brand labels their products “vegan” they should have a legitimate, industry recognized certification to back it up.

Q: Is Thirsty Bitch safe, clean and non-toxic?

A: Per the FDA, beauty brands are required to ensure their products are unadulterated (not contaminated with filth) and generally safe for use. We accomplish this through formula batch testing, stringent sanitation habits along with our production processes, and using ingredients that are substantiated as safe and appropriate for the end product use. The terms “clean” and “non-toxic” are not regulated terms and are often used to create fear and unfair competition in the beauty market. The lack of these terms on a brand’s label does not mean their products are “dirty” and “toxic.”


Q: Are you going to make any other haircare or styling products?

A:  We are shifting our focus to styling products. We are working on a new hair serum formula with the hope of being available later in 2024. We are also working on our own leave-in detangler formula but do not expect it to release until 2025. 


Q: Where can I buy Thirsty Bitch products?

A: Currently, Thirsty Bitch® hair care products are only available in the U.S. and on We hope to be available through retailers and internationally in the future.

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