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When I set out to create my own hair serum, I had no idea what the ingredients in hair care products actually did. I also learned that the cosmetics market is plagued with false advertising in beauty products. Claims like "all natural" and "preservative free" standout on product labels while the ingredients contradict those claims. Hair repair products are full of empty promises. "Vegan" has been misused and misrepresented on product labels. The "clean, safe, non-toxic" narrative creates fear purchasing of more expensive products that are not any more effective. Brands are also using regulatory requirements as product features, and it needs to stop! 

I just wanted better haircare products without the BS. Thirsty Bitch® was created to rival fear mongering brands that have traded product quality and function for buzzwords, smoke and mirrors. We're bringing you products that detangle, smooth and condition hair, making it look and feel beautiful. When our hair looks beautiful, we feel beautiful!

Quality and safety are of utmost importance to us; therefore, we source our ingredients from suppliers that are committed to excellence and safety through strict quality assurance and manufacturing standards. We do not test our ingredients or formulas on animals. We also select ingredients based on appropriateness of intended use. I am the first in line to test the functionality of our formulas. Additionally, our production batches are tested to ensure our manufacturing process does not contaminate our products. We are dedicated to continuous improvement so our ingredients may change from time to time in order to enhance the performance of Thirsty Bitch® hair care products.  

Lastly, Thirsty Bitch® loves to help animals in need.  Opening our home to dogs that were really difficult to rehome is our way of life. Since we can't adopt all of them, we want to make sure we do everything we can to help others find a safe and loving home.  10% of our net proceeds will be donated to rescue organizations dedicated to helping dogs find their forever home. Donations help with foster care, vet expenses and supplies as well as rehabilitating pups so they can be placed in their forever homes. 

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