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As a teen in the 90's I was totally obsessed with having long beautiful hair, but we didn't quite have the caliber of hair products that we do today. I had to settle for mid-length brassy, porous hair that loved to split and break. My hair would get tangled over nothing. My peers hardly envied me. I was so obsessed with my hair that I bought as many styling creams and conditioning sprays my allowance would pay for. But the end result was always the same-brassy, porous hair.

By 2019, I had colored my hair every color except green and I was on a new mission: to have silver blonde hair! My pursuit drove me over the edge with damage and breakage. I was using 6 different brands of hair serum just to treat my bleach damaged hair and not any one of the serums alone delivered the results I was looking for. Driving to work on an early February morning I thought to myself "Why can't I make my own hair serum brand?" So, I started Mel Rummelhoff Beauty and set out to put my manufacturing and supply chain management skills to work.


I wanted to create a serum that would condition my hair and leave it feeling silky, soft, and manageable without the heavy, sugary smells. I thoughtfully chose ingredients to make our original Thirsty Bitch® Thirsty Hair Serum. The name Thirsty Bitch® perfectly describes my difficult hair and my desperation to make it look beautiful. It also represents our outspoken standpoint on false, unethical product claims. A brand should sell because the products make your hair feel beautiful, not because of false advertising. I hope you enjoy and grow to love Thirsty Bitch® hair care products as much as we do!

~Melissa Rummelhoff, Owner of Mel Rummelhoff Beauty and Creator of Thirsty Bitch®

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